LTTA Creative Drama – Italy

LTT Creative Drama activities emphasized an active, inclusive and participatory learning framework that contributes to the socio-emotional development of students.

The expected outcomes of creative drama education on our teachers and students were as follows:

  • Social development and development of collaboration skills;
  • Development of communication skills;
  • Development of critical thinking capacity;
  • Ensuring creativity and imagination;
  • Development of moral values;
  • Self-knowledge;
  • Development of problem solving skills;
  • Development of language skills;
  • Understanding and spirit of art;
  • Development of listening skills;
  • Developing the capacity for group planning, group decision-making and producing new solutions in individuals;
  • Development of empathy skills.

Project coordinator

Şcoala Gimnazială “Gheorghe Vernescu” - Romania

Str. Păun Pincio, Nr. 10, Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău, România

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