Motivational Techiniques – Portugal

During this activity, teachers had the opportunity to learn more information about techniques, methods, and the advantages of motivation in the education process. They will also acquire skills in how to use inclusion techniques in teaching-learning environments.

The results obtained at the LTTA motivational techniques workshop for teachers and students are as follows:

  • Increased skills in using the motivational techniques system in the instructional-educational process;
  • Development of intervention skills in learning environments with inclusion and motivation problems;
  • Development of the system of methods/tools for supporting students from a psycho-social point of view in education and developing their sense of belonging;
  • Development of international cooperation networks;
  • Development of language skills;
  • Development of the feeling of tolerance towards different cultures, languages and religions;
  • Workshops were created work between students and children with the didactic game as the central subject, as the main method of inclusion.

The didactic game was the central theme of the lesson sequences where the participating teachers were present. Each participating country created a material with motivational work methods and techniques used in their own educational system.

All these materials were brought together in the material entitled Motivational techniques

Project coordinator

Şcoala Gimnazială “Gheorghe Vernescu” - Romania

Str. Păun Pincio, Nr. 10, Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău, România

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