Games of Inclusion

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

The general objective of project “Games of Inclusion” is to increase the inclusion and motivation in education by supporting the psycho social and academic development through use of creative drama and motivation techniques.

KA210-SCH – Small-scale partnerships in school education


    The students had the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange a few words, thus practicing their knowledge of the English language. Each school sang its national anthem and presented its flag, explaining the meaning of each color. At the end of the activity, the students played a Kahoot, in which they identified the flags of the participating countries, traditional food, places and famous athletes from each participating country. The main role of this activity was to speed up the adaptation process of the students participating in the project and to understand that the existing differences between them are not an impediment, but a reason for novelty and development.



                   OUR PROJECT LOGO

The activity was planned online during the meeting of the coordinating members of the project and consisted of a competition held in each school enrolled in the project: “Gheorghe Vernescu” Secondary School, Rm. Sărat, Romania, Istituto Comprensivo 3 “Don Peppe Diana”, Italy, Agrupamento de Escolas de Tábua, Portugal, Çukurhisar İlkokulu, Turkey. The students were presented with the project, its role in the school activity and the participating countries. They had to make a drawing to illustrate the specifics of the project as best as possible. The most beautiful drawings were selected and, following a contest, only one was chosen. This preselection took place at the level of each school in each participating country. The four winning drawings were submitted to another competition, this time held at the level of each participating country. The final product is the project logo, created and displayed in each school participating in the project.



Erasmus Days

This activity involved a meeting of teachers and parents from the four countries participating in the project: Italy, Turkey, Portugal and Romania. The parents had the opportunity to discover the role of the project and the activities carried out within the project. One of the results of the project is the information and involvement of parents in the proper implementation of the activities proposed in the project, thus strengthening their confidence in the role of the school regarding the future of their children. 60 parents participated in this activity, 15 parents from each school involved in the project and 20 teachers, 5 from each participating school. All the activities carried out until that moment and their role in the educational process of the children were presented. The entire activity was conducted in English.


Erasmus Days were celebrated with enthusiasm at Çukurhisar Primary School

                     Magic Dictionary

Some common expressions were agreed upon (hello, good morning, hello, goodbye, thank you, with pleasure, welcome to our city, what’s your name, my name is…, how are you, how old are you ), which were translated into each language of the four participating countries: Turkish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. Students practiced and learned these expressions in classroom activities. All these expressions, translated into the language of each participating country, made the final product online Magic Dictionary.


The activity took place online, in each participating country, in the form of a game between children from the four countries. Students challenged each other with words in different languages other than their native language. Words and expressions in 5 languages were thus practiced: English, Turkish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian. The students interacted, learned and played, so a good mood prevailed throughout the activity.


Do you know me?

This activity consisted in the accumulation of new information about the countries participating in the project. Each participating country is responsible for searching for essential information about another participating country, thus Romania will search for information about Turkey, Portugal about Romania, Italy about Portugal and Turkey about Italy. The information was structured in four important chapters, as follows: capitals, important cities, UNESCO sites, important historical figures. First, the students documented themselves, searched and structured the information they found about the country, and then assembled this information into a ThingLink material. Each participating country thus created a ThingLink material


The students watched these materials and thus learned new and interesting things about Turkey, Portugal and Romania.

At the end of the activity, the Adventure in Europe Escape Room game was created with all this information.


The activity gave the students the opportunity to get to know each other better, to get to know other countries and other traditions and to practice their language skills.


The breath of our Earth

The activity consisted in finding out information about the natural disasters that have hit over time the 4 participating countries: Romania, Turkey, Portugal and Italy. Being a collaborative work, each participating country documented the natural disasters that occurred in another country, as follows: Romania documented Italy, Italy Turkey, Portugal Romania and Turkey Portugal. The students documented themselves, found and structured the information they found. Additional activities were also done to help the students understand the causes, how they start and the effects of the natural disasters found. Also within these activities, the students created different works (collages, drawings, paintings, etc.) that respected the studied theme. At the end of the activity, each participating country proposed a game 55754884 also respecting the theme of the activity, the students thus having the opportunity to structure and consolidate their knowledge accumulated throughout this activity. All this information and photos from the activities were brought together in the work called The breath of our Earth: – project -GAMES-OF-INCLUSION#page/1


26th September 2022

Focus News , on Focus TV Regional Television.

Journalist: Marilena Dinu.

We talked about our  school, Gheorghe Vernescu, where the students’ needs are in the centre of the educational act.  The Erasmus+ Project Games of Inclusion was presented.

3rd October 2022

Subiectul Zilei TV Regional Television.

Journalist: Mariela Baciu

We talked about our  school, Gheorghe Vernescu, where the students’ needs are in the centre of the educational act.  The Erasmus+ Project Games of Inclusion was one of the topics.

22nd November 2022

The subject of the day -TV Talk Show on Buzau Regional Television

Journalist: Mariela Baciu

Psychologist and English teacher: Carmen Neagu and Angelina Rivera-Rocabado😊

Topics:  Psychological help needed in Schools; How to fight Bullying and violence; Inclusion

Games of Inclusion Erasmus+  Project  was  presented, as a good practice example.

19-12-2022 Erasmus Plus Europe dissemination “Games of Inclusion!” at the Istituto Comprensivo “Don Peppe Diana”

The students presented to the parents the activities done until now! Great audience and the students…SUPER! They explained the collaborative work with the partners and how much fun they had!

At last but not least parents and students tasted some traditional food of the countries in Partnership.

November 2022

Made on E+U – Erasmus + Projects Dissemination  Regional Event Games of Inclusion Project Dissemination

14 December 2022

Dissemination activities to teachers and parents on the territory at the Istituto Comprensivo “Don Peppe Diana”, Italia

17th December 2022

Ramnicu Sarat, Romania- Volunteers Gala 2022

European projects Erasmus+

Games of Inclusion Erasmus+ Project received The Project of the year Prize

November 2023

Project dissemination within the National Symposium on the theme of Change, Involvement, Responsibility through Teaching and Coaching, an event carried out by the Buzau Regional Development and Consultancy Center in partnership with the French Association Echanges Internationaux dans l’Education Paris.


22nd December 2023

European projects  Local conference– Ramnicu Sarat, Romania

More than 60 educators, local administrators, students, volunteers, etc-have gathered in the City Hall Conference Room to tell their Erasmus + stories. The Games of Inclusion Project was one of the stories that inspired the audience.

22nd February 2024

Dissemination of the project within the exchange of experience “Reading for pleasure, from theory to the exchange of good practices”, an event carried out in the Republic of Moldova, within the transnational project “Let’s make friends with reading”.

15-19 November 2024

Two days parenting seminar  Gen-Erasmus, Istituto Comprensivo Statale IC3 Don Peppe Diana.

Psychologist Francesco Gallo and Felice di Benedetto

Project coordinator

Şcoala Gimnazială “Gheorghe Vernescu” - Romania

Str. Păun Pincio, Nr. 10, Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău, România

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