Çukurhisar İlkokulu


Our school is an official institution within the national education system. We have 210 students and 13 teachers including the administration. located in a socially disadvantaged area. Economically, it is close to the low middle level.

It receives immigrants from disadvantegous provinces. The main aim of our school is to provide holistic development. It has a structure based on working with the principle of unconditional acceptance. The academic and social development of all our children is very important to us. We are trying to increase development with limited opportunities. These studies are very important since our parents have low-level education.

What are the organisation’s activities in the field of this application?

We plan activities to improve all the skills of our children in school and in their social life. We carry out many activities to increase their reading, writing, comprehension and problem-solving skills and to enable them to learn our values. Along with academic studies, we organize activities for values education every month. We organize various activities to create school –
parent cooperation.

Since our school has students and parents with low-level of social and economic background, we focus on activities that enable the inclusion of all type of students keeping the idea of leaving no-one behind in mind.

What profiles and age groups of learners are concerned by the organisation’s work?

The majority of our 210 students attended kindergarten. T heir ages are between 6-1 1. Since our school is in a region that receives immigration, cultural diversity has gained importance. They live in the neighborhood and mostly come from a disadvantaged social background. Since the main function of the school is cultural transfer, we aim to transform cultural differences into wealth.

Link: https://cukurhisarilkokulu.meb.k12.tr/

Project coordinator

Şcoala Gimnazială “Gheorghe Vernescu” - Romania

Str. Păun Pincio, Nr. 10, Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău, România

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