Şcoala Gimnazială “Gheorghe Vernescu”


“Gheorghe Vernescu ” Gymnasium School is located in Rm. Sărat on Str. Păun Pincio Nr. 1 0, Alecu Bagdad, near the Church of St. Dumitru – Baghdad and has a documentary attestation since 1 892. Over time the school has undergone many changes, now benefiting from a modern place with classrooms equipped, with functional laboratories and offices, which has become a favorable place for the education and training of students.

Therefore, the school currently functions as a strong organization, a real binder that motivates cohesion, well-being, positive, constructive interaction, beneficial to all, for the prestige and pride of belonging to the team for GPN No. 2 as well as for GPP No.2, and three extended program groups.

What are the organisation’s activities in the field of this application?

The children with special requirements present in our school in all classes, both at primary and secondary school level. They are involved in all the projects developed in our unit, both at class level and at school level. They are also involved in school sports competitions and, thus ensuring equal chances of development and integration in mainstream education.

Considering that there are many students with special needs (students with autism, ADHD, students with Down syndrome), this program facilitates our collaboration and exchange of experience with other schools of the same kind. We organize activities to increase inclusion in our schools and not to leave no one behind.

What profiles and age groups of learners are concerned by the organisation’s work?

Our school has qualified staff with experience in education. Our teachers are involved in numerous training courses that cover a lot of fields of study. The school has curricular materials for preschool, primary and secondary education levels, respectively curricula, school curricula, textbooks and school aids, non-traditional guides and other publications.

A strong point of the educational offer is the program of school and extracurricular educational activities, which tries to satisty the tastes of all students, but also to be attractive to parents.

The real fulfillment of our school is the students. Every year, the students of this school return from the school competitions with prizes in which many hours of work are gathered. The graduates of the school go to the high schools in the municipality, where they have always represented us with honor. All students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge of using ICT and accessing the Internet.

Project coordinator

Şcoala Gimnazială “Gheorghe Vernescu” - Romania

Str. Păun Pincio, Nr. 10, Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău, România

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